What does 3D Printing have to do with Mining?

Will 3D printing affect the mining industry? Mining is an industry where bespoke tooling and manufacturing are a core part of daily operations. Problem is, that the current methods of producing tooling and components are time consuming, expensive and wasteful – mining processes that are in need of an overhaul. The many parts, used in mining operations, are made using low volume and one-off

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Electra Mining 2016 – Markforged Mark Two Demo at Rapid 3D stand!

Want to see fibre reinforce parts – as strong as aluminium? Visit Rapid 3D at Electra Mining 2016 – Hall 9, stand H04 to see this remarkable technology first hand!


Electra Mining Africa 2016 – Rapid 3D’s Show Special

Rapid 3D Show Special – Get started with Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing. “Mining operators should not put off experimenting with various applications of 3DP in their facilities. Developing knowledge and skills, and testing the impact these technologies can have on their current operational strategies, will certainly stand them in good stead in the future,” says David Bullock, MD of

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In-depth look at the Markforged Fibre Reinforced Printing Technology

Markforged 3d printing of fibre reinforced parts webinar. Discusses in detail many aspects of the technology. Where the technology fits into the design and manufacturing workflow. There is a detailed look at the Eiger software that allows engineers and designers to place fibre reinforcing exactly where they need it on a part.


Rapid 3D Opens Printing And Additive Manufacturing Facility In Kwazulu-Natal

Rapid 3D unveiled its modern showroom and technical facility in Howick during September, hosting representatives from the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal


Rapid 3D: Offering Solutions Since 2004

The proliferation of 3D printing in the manufacturing sector looks set to continue as more and more companies worldwide realise the scope of its capabilities.   3D printing is of enormous strategic relevance – the technology cycle has reached a level of maturity in terms of adoption and companies can ill afford not to consider how and when 3D printing

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Building A Positive 3D Footprint

3D printers and scanners from the world’s biggest personal and professional printer manufacturers to various key players in the jewellery, packaging, education, medical and automotive fields. By focusing on service excellence and technical expertise the alliance has gone from strength to strength, so-much-so that last year a dedicated showroom was established in City Deep