Rapid Prototyping


Markforged Customer Success Story: Autometrix

Autometrix, a manufacturer of Precision Cutting Solutions for the industrial textile world, has been using the Mark One printer from Markforged. They needed an inexpensive method to produce prototypes that could match the strength of a machined component. The Mark One reduced prototyping time from weeks to days, and reduced the weight of a prototype cutting head by half a pound.


3D Platform Announces PRO Electronics Rebuild Program

3D Platform Launches PRO Electronics Rebuild Program Give your x1000 or Workbench Machine the PRO Boost Rockford, Illinois, USA – April 25, 2017 – 3D Platform (3DP), a global leader in manufacturing large-format, industrial-strength 3D machines


EnvisionTEC Unveils Cost-Saving Consumable Product Line for Large-Frame 3D Printers

This is an affordable Field-Stretchable Assembly (FSA) and value pack of high-quality FSA films for use with some models of its 3SP printers. That includes popular models such as the 3Dent and Ultra that previously shipped with a Pre-Stretched Assembly or PSA.


The ultra-fast quad-laser 3D printing system for metal parts!

It shatters boundaries of manufacturing as it meets the most demanding requirements of modern production environments in terms of efficiency, scalability, usability and process monitoring.


Composite and sand 3D printing with EnvisionTEC

This year was no different as the DLP specialist presented its expansive portfolio of machines and materials spanning everything from dental applications to sand printing.


Get your tooling done with EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions!

The aim of EOS quality policy is to identify current customer needs and future market demands early on and meet these by means of the appropriate organisational, technological and economic resources.


Watch how EOS machines print Direct Parts!

The strengths of Additive Manufacturing lie in those areas where conventional manufacturing reaches its limitations. It enables a design-driven manufacturing process – where design determines production and not the other way around.


Working 3D-Printed Car Engine Models!

We meet Eric Harrell, who brought his collection of functional 3d-printed car engines and transmissions to this year’s Maker Fair! Eric shows us his 1/3rd scale engines, which he designs from reference schematics and measurements to highlight how real engines work. Eric has also made his files available online for anyone to make their own replicas! Watch the video below

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RUAG – Additive Manufacturing of Satellite Components

Every single gram saved reduces total launch costs!


Markforged talks about putting metal into the microwave

Create value with 90% efficiency. On the mechanical side, we create value with 20% efficiency. We’re like the internal combustion engine, and they’re electric cars. That was the way of the world. It needed to change.