EnvisionTEC Easy Cast 2.0 C

Product Summary

EnvisionTEC’s breakthrough Easy Cast 2.0 C is a specially blended photopolymer with an extremely high wax content to ensure consistent casting success. It is available exclusively for use with EnvisionTEC’s patented cDLM technology. Only the cDLM technology’s ability to build with almost zero separation force allows for the successful inclusion of such a high percentage of wax. The high wax content allows Easy Cast 2.0 C to be cast using normal burnout similar to injection wax, but this formulation also allows for exceptionally crisp details. From the smallest of pierced filigrees to the sharpest of corners on raised surfaces, Easy Cast 2.0 C produces breathtaking results not previously achievable with any other photopolymer wax product for 3D printing.

Product Detail


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