Accura® Peak, Amethyst, Bluestone & Castpro

Product Summary

High-resolution 3D printing materials for investment casting & jewellery.


Product Detail

Accura® Peak

Accura® PEAK is ideal for the most demanding automotive, aerospace and motorsports applications whose hardship require strength, stiffness and the highest levels of thermal and humidity stability.

It has been newly engineered and designed for optimal performance, accuracy and stability during prolonged exposure to elevated temperature.

Application Examples:

  • Water and fluid handling components
  • Wind tunnel models
  • Master patterns
  • Fixtures, gages and jigs

Material used for low and high vulcanizing rubber molding.

Accura Amethyst accurate, high-resolution master and expendable pattern material optimised for jewellery manufacturing.

Application Examples:

  • Patterns for use with low and high vulcanising rubber molding
  • Expendable patterns for direct casting

Accura® Bluestone

Accura Bluestone Plastic is a high stiffness engineered material excellent for printing in accuracy, it’s high humidity resistant and a non-settling formulation.

It’s ideal for applications in aerodynamics, lighting applications, molds and masters for vacuum casting and thermoforming.

Application Examples:

  • Wind-tunnel test models for motorsports and aerospace
  • Fixtures, jigs and tools
  • Lighting components
  • Water-handling products, such as impellers
  • “Under-the-hood” automotive parts
  • Business machines housings and enclosures that require high stiffness
  • Electrical connectors, adapter fittings, bases and sockets

Accura® CastPro

An accurate expendable pattern material formulated to produce high-quality investment castings using our QuickCast™ technology.

Application Examples:

  • Prototype metal parts
  • Low to medium production runs without tooling
  • Titanium castings
  • Aluminium, magnesium and zinc castings
  • Ferrous castings


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