VisiJet® M3 Black, Dentcast, Navy, Procast & Stoneplast

Product Summary

Reduce turn-around time and improve your 3D printed parts accuracy and quality.


Product Detail

VisiJet® M3 Black is a robust:

The material is durable, flexible and items resemble the plastic parts produced by injection molding. The M3 black plastic is also good for snap fit and assembly purposes.

The material is well suited for a variety of applications requiring snap fit and strength capability.

VisiJet® M3 Dentcast material provides repeatable accuracy to ensure proper fit everytime:

This Dental Wax-up Material is formulated specifically for the production of dental prosthesis wax-ups used to produce high-quality, smooth surface crowns, copings and other related dental prosthesis and restorations.

The material provides repeatable accuracy to ensure proper fit.

VisiJet® M3 Navy:

VisiJet M3 Navy Plastic Material (blue color) provides an economical solution for general models.

In addition, this material is commonly used for sacrificial patterns for numerous direct casting applications.

VisiJet® M3 Procast:

VisiJet M3 Procast Plastic Material provides the industry’s best direct micro-casting performance for a variety of applications such as extremely small and delicate medical instruments, devices and other custom cast metal applications.

VisiJet® M3 Stoneplast:

VisiJet Stoneplast Dental Model Material provides for low-cost, convenient production of dental models directly from digital data for dentists and dental labs looking to streamline workflow, reduce turn-around time and improve accuracy and quality.


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