Which is better? FDM versus SLA 3D Printing Technologies

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is used to describe one of many processes available that involve the conversion of a digital file into a solid, three dimensional object. A 3D printer will repeatedly lay down or fuse successive layers of material together, tracing the file’s cross sectional shape until a physical object takes form. There are many 3D

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3D Printing a 1.1 m long Radio Controlled Truck Body

AFGRI is a leading agricultural services company that focuses on grain commodities and agricultural services and equipment, while incorporating a long-term vision of food security across Africa. As part of their sponsorship program, AFGRI gives support to the Vodacom Bulls, which are a professional rugby union team based in Pretoria, South Africa.

As part of a promotion, AFGRI wanted to create a miniature RC truck body to be used to carry on the kicking tee at Currie Cup Rugby games. They approached Rapid 3D to find a solution utilizing a large format 3D printer from 3D Platform. Now completed, the RC truck is branded with the AFGRI logo, and often featured during televised rugby games.


EOS Metal Material Mania: new applications thanks to the expansion of our material and process portfolio

The data sheets for our new EOS metal materials now contain even more information, such as the number of specimens underlying the mechanical properties. High-resolution SEM images also offer further insight into the quality of the EOS materials. EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 5  for applications that require lightweight materials with maximum strength EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 5 has been specially

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Get an inside look into the complex world of manufacturing medical implants

Medical implants are one of the most highly regulated and technically complex engineering sectors. Get an inside look into the complex world of manufacturing medical implants. In 2018, Executive Engineering installed an EOS M290 Metal 3D Printer in their Cape Town facilities, and together with their customer, LRS Implants took the lead in local additive manufacturing of orthopaedic implants. In

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Markforged Forges Ahead with Over 100 Metal X 3D Printers Shipped

Markforged began shipping the Metal X in April of this year, and today the company announced that it has already shipped more than 100 machines. Markforged expects to double that number by the end of the year. Its shipments already represent 10% of the market. Markforged may always be known as the company that developed the world’s first carbon fiber

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Using Large 3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures in Manufacturing

Applications like 3D printed organs are big news, but 3D printed jigs and fixtures are the true silent heroes — changing how modern manufacturing works. Tools are always needed in manufacturing. Various jigs, fixtures, templates, and gauges can significantly improve the efficiencies in the process, lowering the production time and saving on labour costs. Many companies couldn’t afford to custom-make

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3D Printing Gaining Traction in Agriculture

You may not know it, but agriculture is one of the industries starting to make the most of the cutting-edge technology that is 3D printing. The benefits of 3D printing for agriculture include: Agriculture and technology are increasingly working together. Food production, farm equipment, farming products, 3D printing is a great asset and simplifies a lot of processes. 3D printing

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Deutsche Bahn chooses additive manufacturing to maintain its trains

Custom train parts for the electronic onboard information systems of the ICE trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. The fleet of third-generation ICE trains operated by Deutsche Bahn features just under 160 units from various production series. Every single one of them still looks and feels modern, thanks to their stylish design and regularly refurbished interiors. Despite this, the transportation industry

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Altair Introduces a Disruptive New Licensing Model for the solidThinking Software Suite

New licensing model available for the #solidThinking software suite! Based on Altair’s patented units-based licensing model popularized through Altair HyperWorks, solidThining Units (sTUs) will allow customers to have access to all software titles available through the solidThinking suite as well as the ability to seamlessly run these applications on-demand locally or in the cloud. Learn more


South African Jewellery Manufacturer Upgrades to EnvisionTEC 3D Printers for Quality Results

Chandlers Manufacturing Jewellers PTY Ltd (Chandlers) is situated at the pivot building, Monte Casino Boulevard, Johannesburg, South Africa. The business has been operating for more than 25 years and during the past decade has grown to a staff of 40+ individuals. Chandlers was founded as a manufacturer after its founder noticed that there was a lack of qualified hand craftsmen

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