3D Platform 300 Series Workbench Pro

3D Platform 300 Series WORKBENCH Pro

The 3DP Workbench Series is more than just another 3D printer, it has been designed using a professional user-experience process — with input from engineers, product developers and top creative talent around the world.

It incorporates all the tools you need to take your company to the next level.

The 3DP 300 Series WORKBENCH Pro is a comprehensive 3D printing toolkit that increases capacity, enabling you to expand your capabilities, bring your BIG ideas to life.


  • Build functional models, prototypes and finished products.
  • Include non-printed elements; fasteners, electronics, switches, sensors. Even insert metal components right into your printed parts.
  • Produce complete, functional models, prototypes, and finished products.
  • Build parts that are not possible using closed eco-system 3D printers.

3DP Workbench -Large Format Additive Manufacturing Workbench - youtube Video

WorkSeries Large Scale 3D Printers from 3D Platform - youtube Video

Product Detail

The print volume of the 3DP 300 Series WORKBENCH Pro is 0.7 m³, which is  1.4x faster than the 100 and 200 series.

It boasts an upgraded 32-bit, 120MHz ARM Cortex M4 Processor and an upgraded 7” TFT display with Wifi for easy networking connectivity. Reducing processing and print times.

The 300 series has a standard remote monitor & operation capability, allowing you to keep tabs on overnight jobs.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What support structure materials can I use? How does it work with a single extruder and/or a dual extruder?

A: Support structures can be generated in your 3D printing software. They are used to hold up printed parts where the part is not supported – generally any overhang over 45° will require supports. When using a printer with a single extruder, the support material is generated using the same material, which is then broken away after printing. When using a dual extruder, cost and time reducing wash away support material can be utilized.

Q: What is “open source” and how does it relate to the printers from 3D Platform?

A: The term, Open Source, most commonly refers to a computer program or programs in which the source code is available to the public for use and can be modified from its original design. All 3D Platform printers use open source software and control platforms. Resulting in a cost-effective and easy-to-use interface for the printer.


3D Printer Industries

Rapid prototyping – iterate AGAIN AND AGAIN

The perfect product rarely comes out of the initial design. The 300 Series Workbench allows you to develop custom prototypes quickly and at a low cost, giving you the opportunity to refine and test to perfection… again and again and again.

Create on a BIGGER level

Creative professionals can expand and accelerate ideation with 3D printing technology. 3D Platform enables 3D artists to unleash their creativity and bring BIG ideas to life. Large build area allows for full-scale printing, without scaling down or multiple parts that require post-print assembly.

Custom printing

The 300 Series Workbench is designed to deliver innovative solutions for the most challenging applications and the most in-demand industries – but that’s just the beginning. With superior speed, precision, large build envelope, and access to open-market materials, our 3D printers create a blank canvas for your custom ideas, making anything possible.

Orthodontics & Prosthetics

Help revolutionize the medical industry with fast, custom orthotics and prosthetics (O&P). Our open market 3D printers will accelerate the development and manufacturing times associated with custom O&P. Plus, the large print area expands your opportunity in O&P manufacturing allowing for the printing of torso orthotics, entire limb prosthesis, or multiple smaller parts, further advancing your medical innovation.

Production on a faster scale

Breakaway from manufacturing constraints and produce precision parts faster without expensive tooling. The workbentch 100’s build area enables users to mass-produce end-use parts with multiple nozzle diameter options quickly and cost effectively.

Expanded 3D printing capabities

The 300 Series Workbench was designed to expand the possibilities of 3D printing, because your BIG ideas shouldn’t have limitations. With advanced processes in 3D printing – such as inserts, core modeling, and multiple materials – we are expanding the capabilities of our 3D printers to new levels.

“3D platform delivered our printer, set it up, and we printed right away…”  — Chief Engineer, Engineering, Design and Development Company for the Automotive, Aerospace, Architectural, Boating, Medical, and Commercial Industries

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