Click2Form is a sheet metal forming simulation software that enables users to optimize their products for manufacturing, with the consideration of early formability.

Evaluate feasibility within seconds is possible with this industry-leading one-step inverse simulation technology.

In addition to providing the users with areas of possible failure due to tearing and thinning, Click2Form has comprehensive blank utilization capabilities that provide optimal blank shape including the best layout for blank nesting and the associated material cost.

“Click2Form is a manifestation of years of development to provide an intuitive “mesh-less” user environment for early sheet metal forming feasibility. Geared towards design engineers and cost estimators it provides comprehensive reports on blank layout and nesting for optimum material utilization.” Ravi Kunju Vice President, Manufacturing Solutions, solidThinking


solidThinking Click2Form - Blankfit - youtube Video

solidThinking Click2Form - Model Preparation - youtube Video

Product Detail


Quick and reliable check on stamping feasibility of design.


Visualize potential defect areas (splits, wrinkles, loose metal).


Modify design, gauge (thickness), evaluate material type to quickly understand affect eliminate defects and finalize the design.

Material utilization

Optimal blank nesting in transfer die or progressive die layout within manufacturing constraints for maximum material utilization and reduce material cost.

Design better products

Guide the user with the design and reduce trial and error.



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