Envisiontec Perfactory PixCera and Desktop DDP

Envisiontec Perfactory PixCera and Desktop DDP

The PixCera 3D Printer is designed to support Rapid Direct Manufacturing with a low-cost and high-resolution solution.

The PixCera is a great machine for the small lab and can print up to 20 copings or crowns and up to 7-unit bridges in wax-based Press-E-Cast in under 2 hours. The wax parts are designed for speed investment casting, allowing for a fast one-hour burn-out cycle.

With a small footprint, the PixCera is economically designed to fit into a small area.

EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory Desktop Digital Dental Printer (DDP) is a low cost, easy to maintain and user- friendly 3D Rapid Manufacturing Systems for the digital dental laboratory.

Using state-of-the-art Direct Light Projection (DLP®) technology from Texas Instruments®, the DDP System produces the finest detail in the shortest amount of time.


Product Detail

Machine SpecificationPixceraDesktop DDP
Build Envelope (factory adjustable)*60 x 45 x 100 mm*100 x 75 x 100 mm*
Native Voxel** Size XY:43 micron71 micron
Projector Resolution1400 x 1050 Pixels1400 x 1050 Pixels
Dynamic Voxel** Resolution in Z25 – 50 μm***25 – 50 μm***
Footptint45 x 55 x 78cm45 x 55 x 89cm

* Deviation of +/- 2mm possible.
**A voxel is volumetric pixel.
*** Pre-Adjusted by each material module and material dependent.


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