HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 – Dual Camera Upgrade Kit

HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3 – Dual Camera Upgrade Kit

Fast scanning; seamless modeling

Bridge reality with incredible speed.

Capture individual scans in a matter of seconds and fuse them into 360° 3D models that are widely compatible with 3D CAD programs and file types.


Product Detail

Scan size:
60-500 mm

Up to .05% of scan size (up to .05 mm)

Scanning time:
One single scan within 2 seconds (or up to 10 seconds, depending on settings and computer speed)

Mesh density:
Up to 2,300,000 vertices per scan

Export formats:

Accessories available at extra cost:

HP 3D Automatic Turntable Pro: The simplest way to get a 360° scan. This turntable automatically rotates an object delivering an all-around scan. The HP 3D Scan Software fuses the top, bottom and 360° scan to achieve a complete digitalized model.

HP 3D Desk Scan Lever Pro: Mount your 3D Structured Light Scanner to your work surface with this desk scan lever that’s adjustable with a 75° tilt and 360° pivoting and turning.

HP 3D Calibration Panels Pro: Four precisely manufactured glass panels with calibration patterns required for HP 3D Scan solutions. Calibration panels come in four grid sizes: 30mm, 60mm, 120mm, and 240mm suitable for scanning objects between 50mm and 300mm. Panels include stability aluminum rails for easy setup in a precise 90° angle.

HP 3D HD Camera Pro: Get faster and higher resolution scans than the HP 3D Monochrome Camera Pro. This industrial HDMI camera comes with a high-quality lens for mesh density up to 2,300,000 vertices per scan.

HP 3D Monochrome Camera Pro: This high-speed Monochrome Camera captures 25 frames per second at a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels and its firmware is specifically developed for HP 3D Structured Light Scanning. It comes with a high-quality lens (12mm focal length) and does not require color filters but will capture colored textures when using a color projector.


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