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Markforged Onyx Pro - Strong composite parts

Markforged 3D printing empowers engineers to create strong parts in a matter of hours, meaning performance parts can be delivered ahead of schedule and below budget.

With the addition of Onyx to Markforged’s suite of materials, customers are now able to combine the strength and reliability of Markforged prints with the beauty and stiffness of chopped carbon to create parts that can live up to the rigorous demands of industrial applications as well as be used in customer facing assemblies.

In addition, Onyx’s micro carbon reinforcement yields prints with exceptional dimensional stability and reliability, offering a hassle free printing experience.


Markforged: Manufacturing Reinvented with 3D Printing - youtube Video

Markforged Onyx Pro 3D Printer - youtube Video

Product Detail


Engineered for Engineers

With the toughness of nylon, stiffness of a fiber reinforced plastic, and a heat deflection temperature of 145C, Onyx is perfectly suited for all applications that demand a high-performance material.

The parts you design are the parts you get:

Added micro-carbon reinforcing fiber makes for more stable parts, driving increased dimensional stability and print success rate.

Cut post-processing out of your process:

Onyx delivers a stunning matte black finish perfect for end use parts, meaning your designs can be taken off the build plate and put right into action without chemical or mechanical finishing.

The Markforged Advantage:

Onyx can be used alone, or further reinforced with embedded continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar®, or fiberglass layers – parts truly transcending the limits of conventional 3D printed

Who is the Markforged Onyx Pro best suited to?

  • Engineers/Designers who want stiffer parts, with or without continuous fiber reinforcement
  • Engineers/Designers looking for parts they can show to customers or incorporate into customer products
  • Engineers/Designers who need parts that can withstand high loads, temperatures, or impacts
  • Industries across the board, with an ideal fit for custom end-use production companies (either small shops or larger highly customized companies)

Onyx Series printers are dependable and robust, built to handle tough requirements of engineers and heavy-use environments.

The Markforged Onyx One prints using the acclaimed Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament to create parts for a wide variety of applications. The Onyx Pro is a step up from the Onyx One. The Onyx Pro employs a second print head exclusively for continuous fibreglass, for printing even stronger composite parts. See charts below.

Materials to Print Really Print Strong Parts

No other 3D printer on the market is designed from the ground up – hardware, software, and materials – to uniquely create chopped carbon fiber parts or to print embedded fire reinforcement – revolutionary materials with beautiful surface finish, stiffness*, ‘stronger than metal’ (see charts below) and temperature tolerance.

Onyx is based on a remarkably tough nylon, but also provides parts with stiffness* equal to or greater than any pure thermoplastic material available for professional 3D printers. It’s easy to print and far more rigid in assemblies. Onyx can be used alone, or further reinforced with embedded continuous or fiberglass layers (on the Onyx Pro) and carbon fiber, Kevlar® on the Mark Two & Mark X -parts truly transcending the limits of conventional 3D printed parts.

Integrated Touchscreen

Every Onyx Series printer comes with a built-in touchscreen that makes it easy to connect to WIFI, start prints and manage your printer.

Powerful Software

3D printing is as much about the software as it is about the unique technology of the printers.

Eiger 3D printing software (included with every printer) is both powerful and easy to use in your browser, importing your drawing and slicing it for high performance printing.

No Post-Processing Required

With the Markforged Onyx Series, you can pause your part mid-print to embed components or sensors into the part during the printing process.

Not only does the Onyx Pro produce extremely tough 3D printed parts, it also offers a big advantage to users: no post-processing.

Turbo 3D Print

A new feature of the Onyx Pro 3D printer is Turbo Print, a print setting available through the Eiger software. The Turbo Print feature allows users to print parts faster without loss of surface quality or resolution.

A Clear Upgrade Path as Your Needs Grow

No other desktop 3D printer gives you the benefits of ever-improving functionality. The same printer you purchased simply keeps improving over time.

Start with the Onyx. When you require embedded fiberglass reinforcement, upgrade to the Onyx Pro. Move up to the strength of Kevlar® & Carbon Fiber with the Mark Two and Mark X. We even have a special deal for customers, allowing them to add Metal printed parts with the Metal X.

Other desktop 3D printers are unable to produce engineering quality parts. With the Onyx Pro, Markforged is reinventing desktop 3D printing to be a robust and reliable engineering solution.

* i.e. flexural modulus, using ASTM D790 or similar with 3D printed test coupons. Comparison to test results made public by thermoplastic 3D printer manufacturers categorizing their products in a professional or production category.


3D Printer Industries

Product Onyx One Onyx Pro
Build volume 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm
Plastic materials Onyx Onyx
Fiber materials Fiberglass
Z layer resolution 100 microns 100 microns
Included Printer, 800cc Onyx spool Printer, 800cc Onyx spool, 50cc Fiberglass, extra print bed

The graphs below compare the Markforged Onxy to standard ABS:



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