Markforged – The Mark Two

The Mark Two

Have you ever 3D printed a part that wasn’t strong enough?

With your choice of reinforcement and plastics, remove the time, hassle and design iterations and put your parts to use right off the printer engineered with the right material for any job.

The Mark Two print bed clicks into place with 10-micron accuracy – allowing you to pause a print, remove the bed, add components, click the bed back in and then continue the print in the exact same position.

It also has a built in touchscreen that makes it easy to connect to wifi, start prints and manage your printer.


Fiberglass is the most cost-effective material. It’s as strong as Carbon Fiber, but 40% as stiff, and 2X the weight. Suited to everyday applications where you need strong parts

Carbon fiber has the highest strength to weight as well as the highest thermal conductivity. Perfect for applications requiring the greatest possible stiffness and strength.

Kevlar has the best abrasion resistance and is our most flexible material. For when you need parts that are durable and resistant to impact.

High Strength, High Temperature (HSHT) Fiberglass is a material uniquely designed for users who need strong parts in higher temperature environments (over 105°C, with a heat deflection point of 140°C).
Our newest material, Onyx is a step up from other 3D printing plastics. Combining nylon with micro-carbon fibers, we’ve created a filament that’s not only tougher than other 3D printing plastics— it’s also stiffer, more heat tolerant, and more dimensionally stable.

3D Printing Carbon Fiber: Chopped vs Continuous Composite Filaments - youtube Video

3D Print Strong Parts in Continuous Carbon Fiber - youtube Video

Product Detail


Engineered for Engineers

With the toughness of nylon, stiffness of a fiber reinforced plastic, and a heat deflection temperature of 145C, Onyx is perfectly suited for all applications that demand a high-performance material.

The parts you design are the parts you get:

Added micro-carbon reinforcing fiber makes for more stable parts, driving increased dimensional stability and print success rate.

Cut post-processing out of your process:

Onyx delivers a stunning matte black finish perfect for end use parts, meaning your designs can be taken off the build plate and put right into action without chemical or mechanical finishing.

The Markforged Advantage:

Onyx can be used alone, or further reinforced with embedded continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar®, or fiberglass layers – parts truly transcending the limits of conventional 3D printed

Who is the Markforged Mark Two best suited to?

  • Engineers/Designers who want stiffer parts, with or without continuous fiber reinforcement
  • Engineers/Designers looking for parts they can show to customers or incorporate into customer products
  • Engineers/Designers who need parts that can withstand high loads, temperatures, or impacts
  • Industries across the board, with an ideal fit for custom end-use production companies (either small shops or larger highly customized companies)

Markforged printers are dependable and robust, built to handle tough requirements of engineers and heavy-use environments.

Model Standard Professional Enterprise
Materials Supported Nylon, Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre Nylon, Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar  Nylon, Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Onyx, HSHT Fibreglass
Nylon 1000 cubic cm 2000 cubic cm 1000 cubic cm
Fibreglass 50 cubic cm 200 cubic cm 100 cubic cm
Carbon Fibre 100 cubic cm 100 cubic cm
Kevlar n/a 100 cubic cm 100 cubic cm
Onyx n/a n/a 800 cubic cm
HSHT Fibreglass n/a n/a 100 cubic cm
Extra Nozzles 1 Set 3 Sets 3 Sets
Extra Printbed 1 1


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