MCor Arke

MCor Arke - Full Colour 3D Printing on your Desktop

Finally, a 3D printer that frees you to realise your creative vision. With the Mcor Arke desktop 3D printer, you can safely and affordably create professional-quality 3D printed models in photorealistic colour. Show your true colours with Mcor ARKe.

It’s a small printer with Big Ideas

You create in colour, your desktop 3D printer should too!

  • Consistent, high-definition, photorealistic colour enables unique, innovative designs across a wide range of professional and consumer applications.
  • Print any colour, anytime on your 3D model, including text.
  • Only 3D printer with the ICC (International Colour Consortium) colour map for the most accurate what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) colour in any 3D printer.

Product Detail

Machine SpecificationMCor Arke
ResolutionX, Y and Z axes 0.1 mm
ColourPhotorealistic HD Colour, 4800 x 2400 DPI in X, Y and 254 in Z (up to 508 in Z with 50GSM paper)
Build Volume240 mm x 205 mm x 125 mm (adaptive)
Build MaterialPaper – fully recyclable!
Foorprint880 mm wide x 593 mm high x 633 mm deep


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