Ossa 3D Software

Ossa 3D Software

Ossa 3D is a next generation 3D printing mobile app software platform that provides a new simplified workflow enabling physicians to access 3D printing freely on their own in the clinical setting without the need for a biomedical engineer.

Ossa 3D Provides a New simplified 3D Printing Workflow and User-experience:

Ossa 3D is a patent pending mobile app software platform allowing doctors to plan and 3D print personalized treatment solutions through the simplified creation of virtual 3D models.

Conceptualiz brings three new elements to the 3D printing software market: increased Speed, reduced Cost and improved Access/Usability – it is far more economical for doctors to 3D print on their own using our simplified 3D printing software rather than sending it to a bureau.

Ossa 3D provides complete freedom for physicians to express their 3D printing creativity: improving outcomes, efficiency, safety and reducing costs across the healthcare continuum.


Product Detail


Patient CT DICOM images are anonymized and uploaded to the app (via cloud: Dropbox or Google Drive).

virtual 3D models

Simple and powerful in-app segmentation automatically creates highly accurate virtual 3D models of any tissue rapidly in seconds (meets industry standard for precision and accuracy, suitable for design of personalized implants).


Intuitive user-friendly selection tools help create clinically relevant anatomical models (optimizing print size and cost).

Unique technology

Unique implant sketch and sculpt technology automatically fits patient-specific implants


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