Envisiontec Perfactory 4

Envisiontec Perfactory 4

EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory 4 Standard Series is a low cost, easy maintenance and user-friendly 3D rapid prototype manufacturing system.

Using state-of-the-art Direct Light Projection technology from Texas Instruments®, the P4 Standard Series produces the finest detail in the shortest period of time. It creates 3D models that range from the conceptual to the fully functional.

  • Material changeover achieved in minutes utilizing the interchangeable basement
  • Constant build speed regardless of quantity or complexity of parts (only the dynamic Z voxel will affect this)
  • Choice of over 15 different resins
  • Finest detail in the shortest time
  • Resolution and surface finish remains constant over the entire  build area
  • Equipped with the Enhanced Resolution Module (ERM) enabling  resolutions down to 10 microns in the X and Y

EnvisionTEC 3D Printers - youtube Video

EnvisionTEC Perfactory® 3D Printers - youtube Video

Product Detail

Machine Specification P4 Mini XL P4 Standard P4 Standard XL
Build Envelope (factory adjustable)* 115 x 72 x 230mm 160 x 100 x 230mm 192 x 120 x 230mm
Native Voxel Resolution in X & Y** 60 micron 84 micron 100 micron
ERM Voxel Resolution in X and Y** 30 micron 42 micron 50 micron
Dynamic Voxel resolution in Z 15 – 150 micron*** 15 – 150 micron*** 15 – 150 micron***
Projector Resolution: 1920 x 1200 native pixels 1920 x 1200 native pixels 1920 x 1200 native pixels

Footprint: 73 x 48 x 135cm, Weight Approx: 85kg

Electrical Requirement: 100 – 120V, 5.5A / 220 – 240V, 2.4A

* Deviation of +/- 2mm is possible. ** A voxel is a volumetric pixel. 

*** Accuracy is pre-adjusted by each material module and therefore material-dependent. 



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