RhinoNest 4 – The Proper Steps Before Manufacturing

RhinoNest 4 - The Proper Steps Before Manufacturing

Nesting is the optimization and orientation of objects to save material.

RhinoNest 4 allows for the optimization of any type of geometry with endless options for maximum reduction such as multiple panels, the use of real or rectangular shapes, priorities between objects, freedom, and more!

RhinoNest is fully integrated and designed for Rhinoceros and, therefore, provides optimization in minutes without the need for importing files from other software.

RhinoNest supports all geometry types, eliminating the need for conversions.​

Key Benefits

3D Cut to Laminate 3D Objects: 3D Cut allows you to laminate 3D objects for laser cutting or CNC machines. Remapping feature you are placed in the 3D geometric plane and can automatically identify each piece.

Integration with Grasshopper: Grasshopper 3D is a graphic algorithm editor closely integrated with Rhino modeling tools. Unlike programming tools, Grasshopper requires no programming or scripting knowledge.

Nevertheless, it allows designers the opportunity to create form generators ranging from the simplest to the most impressive versions.

Graphic Object Selection: Find multiple priorities between objects and define the order of placement at unlimited levels and Optimization parameters with copies of a single object​.

Definition of Panels: Includes a centralized panel database ideal for large production runs. RhinoNest provides an independent tool to manage panel purchasing. Control stock from the purchasing department.

Define panels by material, dimension, quantity in stock and reference. The fill panel option ignores the number of objects and uses as many copies as required to fill a panel.


Product Detail

What Else Does RhinoNest Have to Offer?


This allows us to select multiple objects and identify them automatically. It lists the objects and can define the starting number and a prefix.

Raster to Vector

This tool allows you to convert images into curves using ten preset styles including Architecture, Curves, Maps, Soft Curves, etc.

Remap Objects

This tool orients 3D objects to the plane prior to nesting. The algorithm functions perfectly with curves, surfaces and solids.

Importing Multiple Files

RhinoNest provides automatic multiple file import tools, and supports all file formats available in Rhino. Folders and multiple files can be manually defined. Each file is organized in a layer with the file name.

Tabs & Connect

This tool allows you to quickly divide and connect curves. In some cases you may wish to keep the pieces in the panel after slicing.

Import and Export of HPGL Files

HPGL format, also known as PLT, is widely used for cutting and milling machines. Easily import and export HPGL files in RhinoNest.


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