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Open Technologies Scan in a Box 3D Scanner

A professional 3D Scanning Solution aimed towards professionals with a tighter budget.

The Scan In a Box (a.k.a SIAB) uses the structured light 3D scanning technology. This desktop 3D scanner has a mobile, adaptable structure and a simple set up.

Designed to offer a great price to performance ratio, bringing quality, modular structured light 3D scanning, within the range of educational and academic applications. The 3D scanner is also well suited to reverse engineering applications.

The Scan In a Box is an efficient 3D scanning solution for expert users looking for professional results. A few additional applications, where the Scan in a Box is well suited, include:

  • Design and art
  • Heritage digitisation
  • Reverse engineering e prototyping
  • Education
  • Digital fabrication

This SAIB 3D scanner is capable of capturing textures (colours). The included scanning software, IDEA 3D, can export files in .OBJ, .PLY, .STL and .OFF formats.

It is possible to 3D scan objects of a size that fit in the scanning areas (minimum 100 x 80 mm; maximum 500 x 400 mm). Bigger objects, up to 2m can also be acquired using a custom alignment.

The compact and portable nature of the scanner make it ideal of on-site 3D scanning applications. The set up of the Scan in a Box is simple and calibration straightforward.


Scan in a Box - Structured Light 3D Scanner - youtube Video

Scan in a Box: Complete 3D Scanning Workflow - youtube Video

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