EnvisionTEC’s SLCOM 1

It’s the first and only industrial thermoplastic reinforced woven composite 3D printer on the market today.

SLCOM technology allows for the building of composite parts using layer-by-layer laminated thermoplastic composite fabric sheets from a roll. As the first 3D printer employing this technology, the SLCOM 1 will be capable of building objects up to 24” x 30” with a 24” height.

The SLCOM1 is available with a wide range of custom-made thermoplastic reinforced unidirectional or multidirectional woven fibres tailored to the customer performance needs.

“We are proud to introduce the first disruptive industrial-scale, composites 3D printer. This represents a paradigm shift for manufacturing, especially where demanding mechanical and environmental properties can only be delivered from woven composites,” said Al Siblani, CEO of EnvisionTEC. “It is exciting to consider the extensive range of new applications that the SLCOM 3D printing technology will open up. EnvisionTEC has long been a pioneer in 3D printing innovations and we believe that this entry into the composites space will propel industrial 3D printing to a host of new applications.”

The composites can be tailored for exceptional toughness, environmental resistance, vibration dampening, low flammability characteristics, high wear resistance and high strength to weight ratio.


Introducing: SLCOM 1 by EnvisionTEC - youtube Video

Product Detail

Build solid parts layer-by-layer:

Unique material storage feed

48” x 48” X/Y/Z cutter range with 30kHz ultrasonic blade cutter.

Blade concept

Automatic blade replacement with blade wearing auto detection.


Automatic anti-lamination fluid application

Waste material

Waste material not fully laminated to build, reducing post-processing


Processes continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic pre-pregs for use in lightweight structural applications



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