RtS Films uses Markforged to 3D print cable mountings for handheld 3D cameras.

Rent the Sky Films prints custom cable adapters for a 6.8kg, handheld 3D camera that replaces conventional 45kg rigs. These adapters consolidate cabling to a single interface point, making the camera simpler and easier to operate.

  • The part must provide a single-point adapter for eight critical ports on the camera.
  • The Onyx and Fiberglass part is three times lighter than its machined counterpart.
  • RtS Films prints mounts 16x cheaper and 15x faster with Markforged technology.

This cable harness allows RtS films to add complexity without adding weight. As a result, their 6.8kg hand-held rig can replace a 45kg conventional 3D camera rig.

Markforged machines are able to print complex, intricate features durable enough to withstand the rigors of repeated use and abuse.

Rent the Sky Films founder Scott Ferril describes this part as “the difference between getting the shots you want vs. the shots you have time for.”

Fabrication Time 1 week 9 hrs 94%
Fabrication Cost $320 $19.71 93%

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