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RhinoGold 6.5 – Azure Cutter new update.

Get the Professional looking finish to your piece, creating the azure cut out on the back of your jewellery! WATCH THE BENEFITS YOU GET FROM THE CUTTING AZURES TOOL!


RhinoGold 6.5 has Redesigned it’s interface – New Elements

Discover why RhinoGold is the right choice for your growing jewellery business! Browse hundreds of components and combine them to make a unique piece ready for 3D printing. Their redesigned interface saves time and money by quickly searching and selecting jewellery components by defining finger size, gem color and metal alloy – watch below!  


RhinoGold 6.5 – The ideal tool to decorate your design

RhinoGold 6.5 – Easily customise and apply a 2D pattern to your 3D surface, to build a pipe, rope or milgrain. Give your model an Eastern touch!


RhinoGold 6.5 – Veni creates beautiful and detailed rope designs

Start creating digital jewellery with the latest and most advanced CAD for Jewellery. Explore new ways to create astonishing ornaments and reinvent your creations.


New Improvements – RhinoGold 6.5 News

New parameters have been added on Eternity builder, Cutters in Line, Cutter Studio libraries, STL Export, New 3D textures and New 3D motifs.


Learn how to work the paves in your designs – RhinoGold free tutorial

Take advantage of our rendering tools to create your own virtual catalog with beautiful and unique designs.


Fill your Engraved labels with Markforged engraver filler!

The filler will catch and fill the inset sections of the part. This means you need to cut the shape or text into the part model in your design program.


EnvisionTEC 3Dent® – 3D Dental Printer

EnvisionTEC’s 3Dent® dental model printer uses 3SP (Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure) technology for the 3D printing of highly accurate dental models. The 3Dent® features a build speed of up to 10mm/hour for the full build envelope, making it at least 2 times faster than any competitive product on the market today. A simple user interface with a built-in touch

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Basic Fiber Filling Techniques for the Markforged software.

Each fill type has specific strength properties and we will demonstrate how to effectively utilize Concentric and Isotropic fill to strengthen different parts in different ways. Watch how now!


Capture a compressor with Artec Space Spider.

The Artec Space Spider’s scanning ability is ideal for high-resolution scans, capturing objects such as molding parts, PCBs, keys, coins or even a human ear. Check out how easy it is to capture a compressor in 3D with Artec’s 3D scanner and how the 3D data works in Artec Studio software. Watch why this scanner will give you the freedom

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