3D Printing for Jewellery Designers & Manufacturers

In jewellery design, a strong visual is worth a lot more …

Compelling 3D visuals sell the piece by giving your client a realistic FEEL for the design

Detailed 3D visuals set your clients expectations upfront. No more, “That’s not what I expected” disappointments costing you happy clients.

Clear 3D visuals reduce manufacturing costs. Your client gets exactly what they signed off on, no misunderstandings or reworks.


The times, they are a changin’

‘Time honoured traditions’ have left many a strong business floundering and drowning, as the sea of change overwhelms them.

Jewellery manufacturing is an industry, where technology has swept in the tides of change. And if you’re not using these technologies, your chances of survival are slim.

Digital design and 3D printer technologies have moved past the experimental and testing phases. They are now mature. Ready for you to adopt, without getting burnt by technologies that don’t work in the real world.

Good jewellery craftsman hard to come by?

Finding a skilled jewellery craftsman is hard, keeping them is often harder. Loosing one, after you’ve secured a good contract, can be devastating to your business.


It takes 5-7 years, to instill the feel for jewelery into a craftsman. Loosing that craftsman is painful and costly, as they take all your hard work training them, somewhere else – usually to a competitor.

Readily available for hire!

With 3D design and sculpting technology advances, you can now employ, a “readily available” 3D designer to digitise your designs. All at a much lower cost to company.


The 5-7 years it takes to train up a traditional jewellery craftsman, have been replaced by 6 months to 2 year 3D modelling and design courses.

Add a year or so of hands-on experience and you have the industry average of a 3D designer – progressing from a complete novice to a productive, manufacturing jeweller in 3 years – producing an average four or more jewellery designs a day.

Compare that to the average of a hand made design every day and a half, from a traditional craftsman.

Another change has come about with 3D jewellery design and 3D printer technology – a lot more women designers have entered the market.

Jewellery is predominantly a market driven by women. Women designers often have a better insight as to what women want. They bring a feminine side to jewellery designs.

There are also a host of 3D object modelling service providers – available at a fraction of the cost. So you don’t even need to staff up to get going.

Powerful Visuals. Easy, Consistent, Accurate Manufacturing


This digital technology will give you accurate renderings, that your
client can approve and sign-off on, all without spending a cent on
materials and consumables.


Once you have a client approval, you simply print the design – giving you an accurate mould, ready for wax casting and manufacturing.

The power to transform your jewellery manufacturing business stands right before you.

Talk to us about how you can take advantage of this technology in your business …

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