3D Printed Prosthetics: How One Company Is Helping Those in Need

With the advent of 3D printing, along with the latest manufacturing materials, innovators in the mobility space are now able to provide a greater level of independence and a better quality of life for amputees and those affected by neurological disorders. Millions of people around the world depend on prosthetics and other mobility devices to negotiate the world around them.

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Get an inside look into the complex world of manufacturing medical implants

Medical implants are one of the most highly regulated and technically complex engineering sectors. Get an inside look into the complex world of manufacturing medical implants. In 2018, Executive Engineering installed an EOS M290 Metal 3D Printer in their Cape Town facilities, and together with their customer, LRS Implants took the lead in local additive manufacturing of orthopaedic implants. In

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Rebuilding Faces with 3D Printing

Most of the time, a car accident victim with trauma to the face will undergo hours of surgery in the operating room, as doctors work to rebuild the damaged area based on their best analysis of how the face might have looked before (usually using a CT scan).

But 3D printing is transforming all of that, leading to shorter surgeries, better reconstructions and improved results for patients.

A trauma patient will still have their injury scanned after a comprehensive exam. But now, Brooks and his team will plan the reconstruction digitally and 3D print a life-sized biomodel on an EnvisionTEC Vector 3SP. The machine creates a replica of the patient’s bony structure with accuracy to 100 microns.

The surgeons can then build reconstructive devices right on the 3D printed biomodel at their desk, crafting it exactly as they want before they ever set foot in the operating room. Once they do enter surgery, they have all the fabricated parts they need to do the reconstruction quickly.


3D Printing for Education: Human Bone Models at Victoria University

The exam pass rate of Osteopathy students at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia stood at 89%. The team wanted to increase this pass rate. “In anatomy, students get their hands-on experience with cadavers in labs. Time in the laboratory is limited and academics wanted to maximise student learning by extending hands-on learning experiences beyond the laboratory classes”, says Dr Sonia

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EnvisionTEC Unveils New Medical-Grade Materials and Feature Options for 3D-Bioplotter

EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of desktop and full-production 3D printers and materials, recently announced two new medical-grade materials that make printing parts for implantation in humans safe and easy. New medical-grade biomaterials suitable for use in wound repair, biosensor housings, bone regeneration, drug release and more Three grades of ready-to-print biomaterials now available for use with the EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter:

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Researchers 3D Print Tissue That Mimics Human Bile Duct

Using an EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter, one of the most-utilized bioprinters on the market, researchers at Northwestern University have 3D printed tissue that mimics human bile duct. A bile duct plays a crucial role in the body, carrying bile from the liver to the intestine to facilitate digestion. Cancer of the bile duct has an alarmingly low survival rate, and treatment requires

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EnvisionTEC Aria – A New Generation of Premium Entry-Level 3D Printers

EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of 3D printers and materials, kicked off the holiday season by unveiling Aria, a new generation of entry-level desktop 3D printers that delivers reliable, premium performance. Priced at $6,999, Aria delivers best-in-class surface finish and accuracy. Built on EnvisionTEC’s long-trusted Micro platform for professional 3D printer users, Aria features high-quality components and patented firmware and

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Sonova – 3D Printing Hearing Aids using EnvisionTEC 3D Printing Technology

Sonova is leading the way in mass customized production with 3D printing, using EnvisionTEC technology to produce nearly all of its products. Sonova’s early adoption of 3D printing caused the entire industry to flip to digital production within a few years, and the custom hearing instrument industry is the best example of mass customized production at work. When Sonova were

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How we hacked my body back to life TEDx Talk

In March 2016, Jason was pushing himself in racing beyond limitations. That was when he had a freak accident while track cycle training at high speed. He had a seizure at close to 70kms an hour and hit the deck head-on. It happened in a split second, where his world, his passion, his life, would literally come to an end.

Watch his inspiring TEDx Talk about his road to recovery using modern technology, including 3D printing…


“Operate twice, cut once.” Glimpse the future of surgery.

Critical care doctor Peter Weinstock shows how surgical teams are using a blend of Hollywood special effects and 3D printing to create amazingly lifelike reproductions of real patients –€“ so they can practice risky surgeries ahead of time.