How we hacked my body back to life TEDx Talk

In March 2016, Jason was pushing himself in racing beyond limitations. That was when he had a freak accident while track cycle training at high speed. He had a seizure at close to 70kms an hour and hit the deck head-on. It happened in a split second, where his world, his passion, his life, would literally come to an end.

Watch his inspiring TEDx Talk about his road to recovery using modern technology, including 3D printing…


“Operate twice, cut once.” Glimpse the future of surgery.

Critical care doctor Peter Weinstock shows how surgical teams are using a blend of Hollywood special effects and 3D printing to create amazingly lifelike reproductions of real patients –€“ so they can practice risky surgeries ahead of time.


3D Printing in Healthcare Market Research Report Emerging Trends and Forecast 2022 has announced the addition of the ‘€˜2017-2022 3D Printing in Healthcare Report on Global and United States Market, Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications’€™.


ZORTRAX-Polish Artificial Heart

This case of the artificial heart shows the potential of 3D printing in creating the necessary medical equipment that helps to advance the study on life-saving devices. It is amazing how incorporating 3D printers can push forward the work on an artificial heart by allowing not only to create the model but the complete computerised test stand.

An artificial heart could be used as a bridge during the period between of waiting for an available heart and the transplant surgery. Although there are 3D printers that can print with cells that are biocompatible with the human tissue, creating a model of a working artificial heart is still in the the distant future.


3D Printed Boluses Help to Improve Radiotherapy Standards

The commonly applied method for curing cancer that appears on or just below skin often involves regular radiation. Unfortunately, during this procedure, the tissue that surrounds the affected area is exposed to X-rays. To avoid this, special boluses, usually made of wax, are applied to patients but producing them is time- and labour-intensive and there is no guarantee that the end result will be precise enough to provide efficient protection from X-rays.

Application of the 3D printing technology in the area of healthcare is not a fancy daydream. Instead we can forecast that this technology will be playing a bigger role in the future development of medicine.


Zortrax M200 has 3D printed a human skull in Z-ULTRAT!

Zortrax focused their efforts into delivering reliable and user-friendly 3D Printing tools, so that users can focus on projects without wasting precious time and energy on making endless tweaks and adjustments. This human skull model demonstrates the potential of applying 3D printing technology to medicine.


Meet Harvard’s 3D printing pioneer Jennifer Lewis.

Professor Jennifer Lewis and her group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, are behind some of the biggest stories in the 3D printing industry. In 2016 alone Lewis et al., in collaboration with Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, released papers demonstrating breakthrough developments in 3D printing living kidney and heart cells with bio plotter. Additionally, the

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The Zortrax M200 has 3D printed an artificial heart!

3D printing the components of an artificial heart, allowed a team of researchers to speed up the development of their study, and keep costs super-low. The approximate cost to manufacture the heart was just $21 USD.


Professional inner-ear monitor manufacturer in China relies on EnvisionTEC 3D printers

Senhear makes customized, and increasingly fashionable, inner-ear devices with EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory Standard XL machines, which use advanced DLP technology, and DDSP printers.


Tears flow as boy gets new ears with the help of 3D printing.

Tears flowed at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town on Thursday when Tylor Baker, who was born deaf and without ears, explained how it felt to be wearing specially made silicone implants.