Rapid 3D Appointed as the Dymansion Reseller Partner for Sub-Saharan Africa

We are an EOS partner in South Africa as well and we believe that in order to grow the additive manufacturing industry, it’s very important to have a finishing workflow.

And in order to do that properly, you need to have an automated finishing workflow and, I think Dymansion meets all of those requirements to move into production. It’s very important to be able to give the customer an end-use product, that is coloured and professionally finished. And you can’t do that without some sort of printed product workflow. And again the Dymansion workflow — Dymansion Powershot C, Dymansion Powershot S, Dymansion DM60, ticks all of those boxes and does their job very well in terms of being able to provide a complete solution for a customer that wants to go into production. It opens up all sorts of opportunities for the customer and, therefore, for us as a Dymansion reseller partner.