Additive Manufacturing


EnvisionTEC’s new E Shore A material for 3D Printed footwear is now available for experienced users

This advanced engineering-grade material is a polyurethane-like material that produces a final material with a soft Shore A value in the 40-50 range. E-Shore A is a material developed for end-use applications such as footwear, sporting goods, and other uses requiring durability, comfort and flexibility.


How to print a casting tree with high detail jewellery pieces in 3 hours

3D print a casting tree, with high detail jewellery pieces in as little as 3 hours using EnvisionTEC’s high speed, patented cDLM 3D printing technology.


Classic car meets 3D printing technology

Individualize, Integrate, Innovate: The 3i-PRINT partnership project has used the front-end structure of a classic VW Caddy to demonstrate the full potential of industrial 3D printing within the automotive industry. The structure is very light, stable, and, at the same time, features a high degree of functional integration. Altair, APWORKS, csi entwicklungstechnik, EOS, GERG, and Heraeus covered every development step

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The Importance of Designing for Additive Manufacturing

About 70% of the cost of metal Additive Manufacturing is related to pre- and post-processing. Designing for AM is key to success. See a desktop distilling still project designed with no support structures.


Markforged-3d printing-tooling and fixtures

Alex Crease talks about how, in the past few years, the 3D printing industry has expanded as professional 3D printing companies are offering manufacturing solutions for businesses. These solutions eliminate wait times, increase CNC bandwidth, and unleash innovation on the production floor using CFF routing technology.


How 3D printing is changing the supply chain – Daimler EvoBus and EOS

Daimler EvoBus is revolutionising their entire value chain management by introducing 3D printing for spare parts. With 3D printed parts for buses Daimler EvoBus no longer needs to store the part in question and avoids unnecessary excess production.


3DP Workbench – Large Format Additive Manufacturing Workbench

The 3DP Workbench is the first 3D printer to feature an actual full, built-in workbench. The large-format printer is mounted on an industrial workbench with 12 built-in drawers and cabinets for storage of tools and supplies. The whole thing is very portable –€“ it has wheels for easy transport, and the printer has a folding gantry system so that it can easily fit through single standard doors.


EOS-Tooling: FWB – Major Savings in Production Time and Cost Using Additive Manufacturing

To ensure that Germany remains an attractive location for the production of injection-moulded tools and plastic components, toolmakers and component producers rely on innovative technologies and procedures that save time and minimise expense. German plastics processors need to make as much use of innovative and economic processes as they can, to be able to meet the cost pressures brought about by lower prices from Eastern European and Far Eastern producers effectively.

FWB Kunststofftechnik GmbH has been working closely with LBC Laser Bearbeitungs Center GmbH, a producer of metal parts using Additive manufacturing. This cooperation has resulted in the present method for realising tool inserts for injection-moulding components.


MARKFORGED-A Revolutionary New Way to Manufacture Metal Parts

Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process for printing metal unlocks a new era of metal parts production. 3D metal print-farms will shorten development time, closing the gap between prototyping and production. In the next two years Markforged will achieve the technological leap to true digital metal manufacturing. It’™s time for mechanical engineering to enter the digital age.


3D Platform’s Extreme Benchy Print!

3D Platform showcased their extreme Benchy print that became quite popular on Reddit.

scale your print size from large to small with 3D Platforms.