Additive Manufacturing


EnvisionTEC looking to Change the Face of 3D Technology

From photopolymers to living tissue to composites, EnvisionTEC is leading the way in 3D printing innovation that delivers real value to the market.


Bring Your Nesting To The Highest Level!

RhinoNest is fully integrated and designed for Rhinoceros and, therefore, provides optimization in minutes without the need for importing files from other software.


Markforged reveals their new metal printer at CES 2017

At the start markforged revolutionized 3D printing with composite carbon fiber printing and now they have delivered another breakthrough in the field of metal printing.

The more established and existing industrial metal materials don’t even compare to the incredible range from the Metal X.


Stop-motion animation is taking on 3D printing.

Tommy Keiser has branched out and started his own business, Keiser Design – based out of California.

Upon graduating from the University of the Arts animation program in 2006, Keiser moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in stop-motion animation.

Keiser went on to discuss the effects of introducing a new technology (3D printing) to the Stoodio.


Must-Have 3D Printing Dictionary

ZMorph has put together what they call ‘The Ultimate 3D Printing Dictionary’ which is an online dictionary published on

Having all of this information gathered in one place rather than scattered across the ends of the internet is useful, especially for beginners.


The makers of the 3D-printed super car have made a ‘super bike’

The printing process produces a carbon fiber structure that Divergent 3D claims is 50 percent lighter than traditional motorcycle materials, so the frame would be significantly more efficient on the road.


ProJet® MJP 2500 Helps Drive Ingenuity and ROI at Hyde Park Partners

3D Systems ProJet® MJP 2500 helps Hyde Park Partners achieve high quality, functional prototypes in a variety of materials at a fraction of the cost.


Watch the second tutorial about Robotics in Solidworks

3D CAD Solutions and Rendering Software to Help Drive Your Product Development Process.


EnvisionTEC Training Webinars 2017

Feedback on EnvisionTEC Training … In the words of Valorie Havercamp, Purple Mountain Jewelry, Inc. “My husband and I attended a training class for our Micro machine in late August and we wanted to give you some feedback. Lauren was our trainer and she was AWESOME! She made something very foreign to us seem understandable. She is a combination of knowledge, experience,

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EnvisionTEC on Disrupting investment casting with 3D printing

John Hartner, COO at EnvisionTEC talks to Deputy Group Editor, Laura Griffiths at formnext powered by tct about the company’s range of products on display.