For 3D printing EOSPRINT is the end-to-end software solution that takes your CAD data and prepares it for your 3D printing process on EOS systems. Supporting the daily work of engineers. EOSPRINT Open, intuitive, productive.

See how AUDI Empowers Production Innovations with EOSPRINT.


New generation of job and process management software.

  • Be more productive with the new plane segmentation and significantly increase speed.
  • New exposure patterns and parameters enable unseen part quality at lowest cost per part.
  • Open EOS ParameterEditor module allows even greater freedom for application-specific parameter optimization.
  • Workflow-based user interface reflecting the AM CAM process makes it intuitive and quick to learn.
  • An easy and safe part production with the automatic geometry and position-driven dosage quantity of material.

Product Features

It is an intuitive, open and productive CAM tool for EOS systems that enables to assign and to optimize build parameters for your CAD data. Together with data preparation software like SIEMENS NX or Magics, it offers an extensive AM CAM environment for engineers who want to fully leverage the benefits of Additive Manufacturing with production-ready design.

“Thanks to plane segmentation and new exposure strategies, we are able to produce faster than ever before without sacrificing quality. In the future, we will significantly improve our productivity, cost-effectiveness as well as the general feasibility.“ Matthias Herker, Application Engineer Additive Manufacturing, AUDI AG

Development of new materials

Develop materials faster and easier with the optional functionality Generate New Material Set and the included training. In addition to the already existing parameter settings in the EOS ParameterEditor now new settings to adjust and develop materials are available. The developed material parameter can be named individually, closed and securely transferred. A particular data format offers the required data security to safely forward proprietary material sets with qualified parameters for serial manufacturing.

Intuitive workflow

EOSPRINT 2 introduces a workflow-based approach for the graphical user interface reflecting the AM CAM process. Tools and features behave context-based according to the selected workflow-step – enhancing the daily work of engineers.

“The new user interface is much clearer and intuitive following the additive manufacturing workflow.” Samuel Blower, Development Engineer, Materials Solutions Ltd.

New plane segmentation

The new plane segmentation allows the use of different layer thicknesses in one part, optimizing it more easily for production. The segmentation functionality enables the splitting of a part with a plane that can be shifted in z level in order to define segments with different exposure requirements regarding quality and productivity. The plane segmentation functionality therefore allows to optimize parts more easily for production regarding quality and productivity.

Open Parameter Editor module

The ParameterEditor offers an even larger and open tool set. It contains unique exposure patterns and parameters that offer customers greater freedom for application-specific parameter optimization. Furthermore, the module provides users even more freedom to develop own material and parameter sets. In addition to changing standard parameters for instance like laser power or scan speed users can now customize order and number of exposure types and vary the start and rotating angle for stripe patterns.

New exposure patterns

In addition to the alreday extensive exposure pattern portfolio of EOS, three new patterns were developed. They enable the production of yet unbuildable parts and excellent quality especially for down facing surfaces for expert customers. Two new exposure patterns were designed to increase productivity and allow to save approx. 20% of build time compared to EOSPRINT 1. With this vast range of selectable exposure patterns users have the choice about the quality of their parts.

EOSPRINT 2 is now available for EOS M 290, EOS M 400 and EOS M 400-4. Support for all current EOS metal systems will follow in the next releases as well as for all future polymer systems. The purchase of EOSPRINT 2.1 is free of charge if you already have EOSPRINT 2.0.

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