Dr August de Oliveira discusses Dental 3D Printing with EnvisionTEC at IDS 2017

As 3D Printing makes massive inroads into Dental Labs, the competition is heating up, with many entrants making all kinds of big claims. EnvisionTEC has been building 3D printers for the last 15 years, their experience counts in the results their printing technology produces.

Dr August de Oliveira discusses Dental 3D PrintingTake a look at this video as Dr August de Oliveira from Digital Enamel interviews Chris Cabert from EnvisionTEC at the International Dental Show 2017.

Here’s a few key points to consider as you look to 3D printing technologies for your Dental Lab.

  • The first FDA approved direct printing temporary crown material (at 1:07)
  • Prints in 15 minutes, competing favourably with traditional in-office milling solutions (at 1:19)
  • Temporary crown material currently available in one colour, seven new shades are being released in 2017/2018 (at 1:25)
  • Very few 3D printing companies have FDA approval, FormLABS only have an ISO rated material available (at 1:40)
  • Discussing the various technologies available – DLP has the highest accuracy (at 2:20)
  • EnvisionTEC Micro cDLM printer – able to print 8-10 crowns at a time in 15 minutes (print time is not affected by the number of crowns printed) vs SLA technology which takes longer, the more crowns you print at the same time vs DLP where the print time is determined by the tallest part (at 3:30)
  • Printing Crowns, Orthodontic Models,  FDA approved Night Guards, Surgical Guides, Dentures & Temporaries (a total of 13 different applications on the same machine) on the same machine – EnvisionTEC Perfactory VIDA, designed specifically for the Dental Industry (at 3:58).
  • EnvisionTEC Perfactory VIDA can print 4 high resolution models with the best surface quality available in about 45 minutes (at 5:34).
  • Dr August compares performance of the EnvisionTEC Perfactory VIDA to his FormLABS Form 2 printer – 45 minutes vs 3-4 hours (at 5:48).
  • Dr August discusses ‘marketing tricks’ manufacturers use when talking about print resolution for good fittings and what to watch out for (at 5:56).
  • Dr August compares material costs between machines – FormLABS starting @ $400 vs EnvisionTEC starting @ $280 – $350 per kg (approx 100 guides per kg) (at 7:18)
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