Berlin Packaging | STUDIO 111 – Real Word Use of 3D Printing in the Packaging Design Workflow

Berlin Packaging is the world’s only hybrid packaging supplier. Their mission is to improve their customer support in the design of packaging solutions.

Studio 111 is the global packaging leader’s design center in downtown Chicago.

“We use 3D printing to develop amazing visual models,” explained Martin Rathgeber, Director of Engineering, Berlin Packaging.

The company uses EnvisionTEC 3d printers: an Xtreme 3SP and Perfactory XXL. The two machines are used for quick turnover of design concepts for customers in a wide range of industries, from soaps to alcoholic beverages and more.

Berlin Packaging uses 3d printing to create custom packaging models to help their customers visualise the end product.

Customers want to understand the look & feel, size and shape better. The 3d printed packaging models help them achieve this effectively.

Using this technology also allows Berlin Packaging develop a wider range of concepts. The customer is able to physically compare the various concepts, helping them better appreciate the trade-off’s between different designs and manufacturing constraints. This help’s them to, cost effectively and quickly, narrow down to a single solution that meets their customers requirements.

The 3d digital design process also allows Berlin Packaging to ensure the design is volumetrically correct and manufacturable. The EnvisionTEC printers enable Berlin Packaging to test concepts with high precision and confidence, allowing them to validate designs better, earlier in the product design work flow.

The time and cost constraints of traditional concept proofing, does not allow for the wide range of design concepts to be considered by the client. Thus, using 3d printing has allowed Berlin Packaging to take their customers through a far more robust design work-flow and achieve greater customer satisfaction and results.

In packaging, a customers’ success with a particular package design, means that the packaging manufacturer is also successful.

As a result of the successes gained using 3d printing for packaging design and proofing, Berlin Packaging is now able to offer the packaging design stage for free. A sure win for both Berlin Packaging and their customers.

The work-flow is so effective that the two EnvisionTEC printers are running 6-7 days a week, 3d printing packaging design concepts.

One of the benefits they have also been able to achieve, is to meet multiple design project deadlines by printing multiple design concepts at the same time.

Watch this video of how Berlin Packaging and their design studio, Studio 111 create 3d printed packaging on EnvisionTEC 3d printers.

Berlin Packaging Product Lines
The firm designs, sources, inventories, and distributes stock and custom packaging, closures, dispensing systems, labels, shrink bands and other products. Its container lines include plastic bottles and jars, glass bottles and jars, metal cans and tins, pails and drums. Child-resistant, tamper-evident, and non-dispensing container caps are leading products in its closures line, while its dispensing systems include household and industrial trigger sprayers, lotion and treatment pumps, fine mist sprayers and foamer systems.

The company supplies packaging to all end-markets, including food, beverage, wine, spirits, beer, pharmaceutical, cannabis, personal care, home care, auto care, and industrial packaging.

Studio One Eleven

Vector 3SP

Perfactory 4 XXL


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