Conceptualiz brings personalized treatment solutions to doctors.

Company creates a new 3D printing software designed for the medical industry.

Rapid 3d Conceptualiz Ossa Medical Software
Envision a day when orthopedic surgeons design and 3D print implants right in their office.

Conceptualiz has provided physicians with simplified 3D printing software that’s enabling them to independently access 3D printing, allowing on-demand personalized treatment solutions.

What is the Problem Conceptualiz Solves?

ossa_banner_image002The company’s software lets surgeons design implants on an iPad.

Using this software, a surgeon’s clinical perspective to the process and expertise is brought into the design of personalized 3D printed treatments.

As such, it will reduce the time it takes to get the benefits of 3D printing technologies into the hands of surgeons and medical professionals by three times and, reduce costs by half.

It will make implants higher quality because the surgeon’s input will be taken into account.

Conceptualiz aims to revolutionize the standard process for implants, which currently involves generic orders being sent off to manufacturers, then waiting for the product to be manufactured and delivered.

The current industrial engineering and 3D printing software is far too complicated, time-consuming and costly for physicians to accurately and practically implement. Ossa 3D changes that.

For now, the software is able to export the design models to a manufacturer for validation and manufacture.

The long-term plan is to eventually have 3D printers in doctors’ offices, so the devices can be printed on site, reducing costs and improving service to patients.

Conceptualiz believe, surgeons with the ability to 3D print customized treatments, will quickly take over standard care and medical procedures.

What does Conceptualiz do?

It enables physicians to access 3D printing freely, on their own in the clinical environment, without the need for a biomedical engineer.

A patient’s CT DICOM images are anonymized and uploaded to the app (via cloud: Dropbox or Google Drive).

The simple and powerful in-app segmentation automatically generates highly accurate virtual 3D models of any tissue in seconds.

Ossa 3D provides absolute freedom for physicians to express their 3D printing creativity: improving outcomes, efficiency, safety and reducing costs across the healthcare continuum.

It’s a next generation 3D printing mobile app software that provides a new simplified workflow for doctors & surgeons.

In the image below Conseptializ shows you how this software will simplify workflows
and improve usability:


See Conceptualiz in action

Find out more about this revolutionary software that will chang the medical industry.


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