EOS Metal Material Mania: new applications thanks to the expansion of our material and process portfolio

The data sheets for our new EOS metal materials now contain even more information, such as the number of specimens underlying the mechanical properties. High-resolution SEM images also offer further insight into the quality of the EOS materials.


EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 5 

for applications that require lightweight materials with maximum strength

EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 5 has been specially developed for its high fatigue strength without hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Suitable for production with the EOS M 290, the material also offers excellent corrosion resistance, making it ideal for aerospace and automotive applications. 
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EOS StainlessSteel CX 

for components that require excellent corrosion resistance combined with high strength and hardness 

EOS StainlessSteel CX – a new tooling grade steel developed for production with the EOS M 290 that combines excellent corrosion resistance with high strength and hardness. Components made from this material are easy to machine and enable an excellent polished finish. 
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EOS Aluminium AlF357

for applications that require high mechanical/thermal strength

EOS Aluminium F357 is the ideal material for applications that require a light metal with excellent mechanical/thermal strength. Components made from this material are characterized by their light weight, corrosion resistance and high dynamic loading. EOS Aluminum F357 has been specially developed for production with the EOS M 400. Find out more


EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 23 

for applications that require excellent strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and fracture toughness

EOS Titanium Ti64 Grade 23 has also been specially developed for its high fatigue strength without hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and for production with the EOS M 290. Compared to Ti64, Ti64ELI offers improved elongation and fracture toughness with slightly lower strength. Thanks to these properties, it is particularly well suited to medical applications. Find out more.

Materials for Metal Additive Manufacturing

EOS has an extremely high level of materials expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of sophisticated metals for direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) using Additive Manufacturing. Our materials, systems and process parameters are perfectly matched, allowing excellent reproduction of the defined property profiles. What is more, EOS is constantly refining its high-tech materials based on specific customer requirements.

For the production of metal components using DLMS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), EOS offers a comprehensive selection of metal powders ranging from aluminium, maraging steel and high-grade steel through to titanium as well as nickel and cobalt chrome alloys. This allows highly individualized products to be manufactured in exceptional quality

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