Rapid 3D sponsored Team Rhino in the World Land Rover 4×4 Finals.

Over 40 different countries take part in the Land Rover 4×4 Championships in London every year, and 2016 is the first year a South African team was chosen!

Team Rhino is a group of four young and inspiring school students from Maritzburg College and Edenglen Highschool.

The goal of the contest, was for each team to design a shell of a 4X4 battery powered, remote controlled car. They then were expected to present a verbal presentation and portfolios of their entire team.


Why were they chosen?

Maritzburg College and Edenglen Highschool have a long standing relationship with previous world championships at the F1 in schools.

Each student had valuable skill-sets:

  • Bevan Roets (Team Manager and Design Engineer) Maritzburg College
  • Matthew Cornelius (Graphics Designer) Martizburg College
  • Annas Patel (Resource Manager) Edenglen Highschool
  • Bianca Van Reenen (Manufacturing Engineer) Edenglen Highschool

The two teachers who arranged everything were Mr Bosch and Mr Wilsenach.

 Why Team Rhino?

They chose the name Team Rhino as a statement for both themselves and rhino conservation. With the support of Project Rhino KZN, they got given the go-ahead to use the name in order to support and grow rhino awareness in the youth.

The World 4X4 for Schools Competition was held in London on the 3rd to 7th of July 2016.

“This competition basically entails us driving a 4X4 battery powered remote controlled vehicle on a downscaled 4X4 technical course. This is just a small portion that will contribute towards our points in the competition. We are most definitely aiming for a podium finish.” Said the team before the championship

Rapid 3D provided Team Rhino with various 3D prints of the vehicles shell, it enabled the team to establish the best design structure for the car.

3D printing and the teams combined knowledge of design and engineering won them a special award at the championship.



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