Italian Jewellery manufacturer B.M.C. srl using EOS technology to offer a complete 3D precious metal service.

Italian jewellery manufacturer, B.M.C. srl is to leverage a metal additive manufacturing machine developed by Cooksongold and EOS to offer a complete 3D precious metal service.

The Precious M 080 machine will be used to enhance B.M.C.’s Specialised Services and Products operation. A Direct Precious Metal 3D printing platform, designed specifically for the production of jewellery and precious metals, was jointly optimised by Cooksongold and EOS. The system expands upon the technology created by EOS to provide jewellery makers with the power and freedom to create complex jewellery in a matter of hours.

According to CEO and Chairman, Mr Carlo Massavelli.

“We are always looking to incorporate the latest technology and production possibilities,” said Massavelli. “Direct Precious Metal 3D printing with the M 080 system provides us with another tool and production method which will ensure we can continue to push the boundaries of jewel and watch creation.”

Cooksongold, meanwhile, is also excited by the collaboration, and looks forward to seeing the M 080 system flourish at the ‘elite level of jewellery making’. Managing Director Martin Bach adds:

“We are delighted to be working with B.M.C. for the development of precious metal 3D printing to fully exploit its capabilities and production application in the high-end jewellery supply chain.”


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