The latest and most advanced organic 3D modeling – Clayoo 2.0

Break The Walls. Make It Together.

Create high-quality sculpted, embossed and brushed models. The next generation of plugins for Rhino starts with Clayoo 2.0, an innovative solution to freeform modeling.

Emboss technology allows you to design in 2D, create vectors and do 3D relief modeling. Add texture and emboss your piece while creating a digital relief for a stunning 3D profile model directly from a picture.

Clayoo Sculpt includes easy to use brush tools to digitally sculpt within the Rhino 5.0 interface. The Sculpt technology also allows you to get a closed mesh in just one click!

Watch Clayoo sculpt and emboss in action below.

Read more about Clayoo 2.0 – Unlimited Creation and Modification.


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