An Italian provider (FARAONE SRL) of architectural components, was tasked with designing a new full glass balustrade with a special aluminum profile at the bottom to hold the glass structure in place.

With the challenging goal to save on development time, material, and production costs, while increasing the stiffness of the aluminum profile, the development engineers at Faraone looked for a new design strategy.

That’s when they found their solution with solidThinking Inspire.

The company strengthens its leading position in the market by continuously investing in state-of-the-art analysis tools, technology research and the development of new, innovative products.

“Changing the way you develop products is sometimes hard and requires time, but it always gives us a stimulus to challenge ourselves” says CEO Flavio Faraone. “Altair took our challenges seriously and we worked hard together to establish a design process that benefits the entire Faraone team. The entire experience we made with Altair and solidThinking Inspire was completely satisfactory because we created a better product, gained more expertise and we could take the environment into consideration as well,” he concludes.


The design of architectural components such as a balustrade can be challenging, since the design does not only have to look good, but also needs to meet several safety requirements and standards.

In addition, To meet these challenges the engineers, architects and designers at Faraone are always looking for solutions that can reduce design and testing cycles.


solidThinking Inspire does not only help to save time and to reduce weight and material:additional benefits, like fast learning curve, become obvious when compared to other solutions
available on the market.

“I found Inspire to be a very quick tool to learn, which was super easy to work with because it is so user-friendly. The great thing about Inspire is that designers,
civil engineers, and architects, who are not yet that familiar with optimization and simulation technology, can also use it. I chose Inspire because of its very user-friendly interface, and its accurate analysis results,” said Gabriele Romagnoli.


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