Look at furniture designs in a new light with 3D printing

3D printing has given a new freedom to furniture designs that are not only stable but also safe to use daily.

Guangzhou Academy art studentsA group of Guangzhou Academy art students tested the limits and designed a beautiful 3D printed furniture collection with the help of Xuberance.

Xuberance, is a Shanghai-based design studio (who designed a modern 3D printed wedding dress in 2015) partnered up with the students from the Guangzhou Academy to design and unveil a line of 3D printed furniture.

“Corner chair” by Liu ZhijieBy combining interior design and new manufacturing technologies (like 3D printing) it changes traditional furniture designs into stunning pieces of art.

Guangzhou Academy has opened its doors to 3D printing and currently teaches their students how to master 3D design and printing technologies. The Academies goal is to give students the ability to advance and get the most out their creativity.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.36.23 AMThe Xuberance founder Mr. Steven MA advised the students and offered insight on furniture design, he continued to encourage the group to push the limits and inspire them to try cutting-edge designs.

The pieces have indeed pushed the boundaries of furniture design in terms of its complicated internal structure, which was achieved with 3D design.

Each of the student’s innovative 3D designs were made possible by using industrial-grade 3D printing technologies giving them optimal results.

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