EOS additive manufacturing technology and talent enables pioneering organizations, like LAUNCHER, to develop and succeed in the new space race.

What is the most difficult part about launching a satellite into orbit? Building the engine.

LAUNCHER is a small team on a 10 year journey to send a satellite into orbit. They are building a launch vehicle to send 300kg of payload into low earth orbit for their customers.

The biggest difficulty in launching an orbiting vehicle is constructing the engine.

This video shows you LAUNCHER’s 3D printed, 500lb force liquid rocket engine. Traditionally, manufacturing this type of part required millions of dollars of investment, to build custom machines to braise together the parts of the rocket engine.

Now, with 3d printing, you can print the chamber, the nozzle and the throat as one single part. It’s never been that easy.

Want to see a 3D printed rocket engine part burn fuel? Watch this fascinating video …

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