Idaho Steel shows benefits of replacing parts of their workflow with 3D printed parts and shows the cost and time savings enjoyed. Get 3D productive from the first day while revolutionising your production lines.

Highlights of this video

  • Custom potato shapes using 3D printed moulds (1:05)
  • 3D Printed machine piston composed of a single moving part (1:24)
    • Made of a single piece
    • No fasteners needed = no risk of components coming loose and falling into the machine
    • Food sanitation problems solved
    • Part is much stronger than the traditional part with assemble components
  • Machine piston comparison to traditional machining:
    • 250 hours @ 10 hours per day = 25 days per set on CNC (1:38)
    • 3D Printed equivalent (with above advantages) = 90 hours straight time (no machine minders needed) = under 4 days per set (1:49)
  • Sensor housing (2:09)
  • CNC Production Part vs 3D Printed Production Part (2:49)
    • CNC part cost R 6,530
    • 3D Printed part cost R 652



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