Rapid 3D Appointed Authorised EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions Provider for SADC Region

So much has happened this year, time to give you an update.

We’ve been sitting on this for a little while, but it’s time to make an official announcement, if you haven’t yet heard … Rapid 3D have been appointed the official agents for EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions for the SADC region.

What does this mean for you?

EOS are world leaders in Industrial 3D printing applications. Applications that require high quality production parts in plastic or metal. If you are looking at industrial applications for your operations, let’s start talking.

Skills development, a phrase loaded with emotion. But, for local manufacturers, this is a serious issue.

To that end, we’ve been developing a “Design for Additive Manufacturing” (DfAM) workshop to help engineers, product designers and factory managers come to grips with the skills required, when designing for Additive Manufacturing.

Bryan is currently in Belgium with Terry Wohlers and Materialize on a DfAM workshop. People from LEGO, Tetrapak, Atlas Copco, Grundfos, Alfa Laval, etc. attended this international workshop. Everyone from designers to project engineers. Some had their own in-house machines and some used services. Some companies were just investigating and some were already using the technology and wanted to improve their skills.

Look out for my email on the DfAM workshop. Or register now to get on the waiting list.


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