The Bigger Zortrax M300 is finally HERE!

Now, you have bigger capabilities, larger workspace, and endless printing possibilities. Size is no longer a problem.

When it comes to choosing between advantages, you shouldn’t have to choose at all.

zortrax-m300This is why Zortrax M300 has everything you need: outstanding accuracy, splendid reliability, and the durability you can count on.

With Zortrax M300 you can be a BIG challenger in your industry, allowing the innovation to take the lead. Sound the alarm for your competitors.

You can use SD cards for printing on the M300.

A couple of important things about the Zortrax M300 Materials

We were all wondering about stability over the large build size – the answer is that unlike the M200, you cannot run ABS or UltraT.

The 3D printer’s workspace measures 300x300x300 mm, whereas its external dimensions are 490x490x560 mm.

The Zortrax M300 is capable of using 4 different and exciting types of 3D printing materials!

Materials available for the Z-M300 are:

  • Z-ULTRAT – a versatile material which allows users to create prototypes with characteristics similar to those created using injection molding techniques;
  • Z-HIPS – a material specially designed for printing out larger models with a regular structure. This material’s matte finish guarantees a smooth, uniform surface;
  • Z-GLASS – a semi-transparent material designed for prototyping products which are meant to be produced using glass or transparent plastic;
  • Z-PETG – a material that is resistant to all kinds of salts, acids and alkalis. Z-PETG allows for the creation of resistant mechanical prototypes which may become exposed to the adverse effects of such chemicals. Another characteristic of this material is its sturdiness and high physical resistance.

Zortrax M300 took what’s best of Zortrax M200– reliability, dimensional accuracy, and precision. Rely on the same reliability in a broadened scale.

Materials come on larger rolls with a different spool holder design.


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