Rapid Prototyping


Get an inside look into the complex world of manufacturing medical implants

Medical implants are one of the most highly regulated and technically complex engineering sectors. Get an inside look into the complex world of manufacturing medical implants. In 2018, Executive Engineering installed an EOS M290 Metal 3D Printer in their Cape Town facilities, and together with their customer, LRS Implants took the lead in local additive manufacturing of orthopaedic implants. In

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3D Printing Gaining Traction in Agriculture

You may not know it, but agriculture is one of the industries starting to make the most of the cutting-edge technology that is 3D printing. The benefits of 3D printing for agriculture include: Agriculture and technology are increasingly working together. Food production, farm equipment, farming products, 3D printing is a great asset and simplifies a lot of processes. 3D printing

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Markforged Sharpens Focus on Best-Fit Applications in 3D Printing

Metal is ‘on fire’ right now in additive manufacturing as technologies continue to progress; the segment has been a major feature at industry events lately, and the recent RAPID + TCT was certainly no exception, as metals drew significant attention. Adding flame to that metal fire was Boston-based Markforged. Just ahead of the conference, Markforged began shipping its highly-anticipated Metal

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3D Printing For Dummies: Replicating Grandma’s Fragile Bones For Vehicle Crash Tests

The first 3D printed ribs, using a plastic/rubber compound, matched many of the properties Humanetics were looking for, but they didn’t survive the rigors of crash testing. “We 3D printed some ribs out of the plastic,” said design engineer Kris Sullenberger. “But after 20 hits, the ribs started to crack.” Humanetics then turned to Adaptive Corporation, a digital-to-physical product lifecycle

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Building the next generation of rocket engines – made possible by EOS

EOS additive manufacturing technology and talent enables pioneering organizations, like LAUNCHER, to develop and succeed in the new space race. What is the most difficult part about launching a satellite into orbit? Building the engine. LAUNCHER is a small team on a 10 year journey to send a satellite into orbit. They are building a launch vehicle to send 300kg

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Why EnvisionTEC DLP 3D Printing is Better …

Not all forms of 3D printing are created equal—and that truth is also evident to the visible eye within individual 3D printing processes as well. Novices to the field sometimes debate whether SLA or DLP is a superior technology for final 3D printer performance. But even within the processes of SLA (stereolithography) and DLP (digital light processing), there are significant

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How EOS sees the Future of 3D Printing

Dr. Adrian Keppler – Engineers changing their Design Paradigms will bring about the power of Additive Manufacturing. Dr. Adrian Keppler points out that we should identify the right parts and the right application, scale them and qualify them. It’s all about creating an additive mindset. In addition, ease of use and the seamless integration of CAD, job preparation, build and

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3D Printing Has a Dream

And, sure, making cool stuff is part of it. But the dream is much bigger than that. So. Much. Bigger. 3D Printing is About Transforming Manufacturing. Making it faster. Smarter. And more efficient. Eliminating waste … and design limitations … and expensive tools that prevent inventors from taking risks. 3D Printing makes sure everybody gets a chance. To make their

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Markforged Releases 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Material Datasheet

Markforged have just released their first materials property datasheet on Metal – the 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Material Datasheet. Take a look at the performance they are getting out of Sinter 1. There is also data from a Mass Production sintering system, so you can get a sense of how close Markforged are to million dollar furnace performance (very close).

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Markforged: Metal 3D Production Printing at Scale for Factory Production Lines

Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process for printing metal unlocks a new era of metal parts production. Hear how parallelization will enable production scale metal 3D printing.

Learn about the design to in-production timeline reductions that are achievable using this metal 3D printing technology.