Watch this step-by-step video showing an advanced signet ring design in RhinoGold.

Here’s the latest release update notes – RhinoGold 6.5.17335.1 (December 5, 2017)

Signet Ring Advanced
  • Fixed open Geometry
  • Some designs are not generating geometry
  • Crash fixing
  • Selecting parts in viewports move to the right tab
  • Lock profiles bug fix
  • Pull & push with offset bug fix
  • Profiles Lock splitted in bottom/sides
  • Added button in Rhino UI
  • Added scrollbar for low res screens
  • Localization fixes
  • Default profiles modified
  • Fixed elements with Heads which duplicate the gems
  • Some shanks with cutters don’t work, fixed
Dynamic Taper
  • Bug fix canceling the command during the axis selection
Dynamic Bend
  • Bug fix canceling the command during the axis selection
  • Removed adding points when moving the gumba
Ring Wizard
  • Editing a ring when profile doesn’t exist loses this first profile, now it adds it to the library
  • Set the first profile selecting when creating
Animation Studio
  • Added scrollbar
Prongs In Line
  • Added scrollbar
Geometry selector
  • Blurry profiles on start the command, Fixed
Flow By Curve
  • Add result to current layer
Cutters In Line
  • Automatic set transversal cutter to the right height position
  • Added gumball to move up and down
  • Missing scroll up and down
  • Editing a shank with gems and deleting the gems inside the commands it keeps the gems clicking Ok. Fixed
  • Editing prongs a second time, make disappear the prongs
Dynamic Twist
  • Running with preselected object shows the panel wide
Gems By Curve
  • Moving gems by it’s normal and selecting a surface to orient gets the closest point to new locations, changed to closest original point normal
  • Curve preview too small in preselection, fixed
Resize Ring
  • Added scrollbar
Dynamic Profile
  • Curve preview too small in preselection, fixed
User Folder Manager Patterns
  • The first pattern is never added to doc on double click, fixed
Dynamic Pattern
  • 147 new patterns added

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