Serial Additive Manufacturing


Simply production: EOS M 290 – The benchmark for industrial Metal 3D printing

Over the past 19 years since the introduction of its metal technology, EOS has been building up a champion in powder-based, industrial 3D printing that combines the pioneering spirit of the early years with its meanwhile longstanding AM expertise. In 2001, with the launch of the EOSINT M 250, EOS introduced its DMLS metal technology which soon became a seal

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EOS Digital Foam – Enabling Product Lifecycle Innovations

3D printed lattice structures can be made to have foam-like characteristics. These structures are branded “Digital Foam” by EOS. They represent a new opportunity to engineer better, safer, more customized and higher-performance products in a variety of industries. However, designing 3D printed foams is challenging. There are myriad variables controlling the performance and function of a 3D printed lattice structure,

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Rapid 3D Appointed as the Dymansion Reseller Partner for Sub-Saharan Africa

We are an EOS partner in South Africa as well and we believe that in order to grow the additive manufacturing industry, it’s very important to have a finishing workflow.

And in order to do that properly, you need to have an automated finishing workflow and, I think Dymansion meets all of those requirements to move into production. It’s very important to be able to give the customer an end-use product, that is coloured and professionally finished. And you can’t do that without some sort of printed product workflow. And again the Dymansion workflow — Dymansion Powershot C, Dymansion Powershot S, Dymansion DM60, ticks all of those boxes and does their job very well in terms of being able to provide a complete solution for a customer that wants to go into production. It opens up all sorts of opportunities for the customer and, therefore, for us as a Dymansion reseller partner.


LaserProFusion – the technology for tool free injection molding

EOS continues to drive the industrialization of additive manufacturing (AM) and will present its newest solutions at this year’s formnext. With LaserProFusion, EOS introduces a revolutionary technology for polymer additive manufacturing: nearly one million diode lasers melt the material, building up the part layer by layer. This build process is so productive that it can serve as an injection moulding

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Volvo Group 3D Printing for Lighter Engines

A team of Volvo Group engineers from Renault Trucks in Lyon has succeeded in building and running an engine with some vital 3D-printed components. As a result they were able to reduce both the number of components in the engine and the weight by about 25 %. This could lead to greater payloads and lower fuel consumption if it should

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Optical Tomography Enables Considerable Savings in Quality Assurance of AM Parts

End-To-End Monitoring During Series Production Components produced for the aerospace industry must satisfy strict quality assurance criteria. Especially in series production environments, there are high standards for component quality and hence process stability and reproducibility. End-to-end quality assurance is therefore crucial throughout the entire production chain. Just a few years ago, there were no well-established testing procedures for additive manufacturing,

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