The RAPDASA Conference 2016 showed many 3D printing techniques and applications.

One of the favorites at the 2016 Conference was a metal printed guitar created by Olaf Diegel.

Olaf is the owner of ODD Guitars, he has explored SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and pushed the limits to create these marvelous designs.


ODD guitars holds a significant range of customizable guitars that explore the limits of 3D printing technologies and applications.

Without 3D printing, Olaf wouldn’t be able to complete his design through traditional means.

The 3D Printing technology used in ODD guitars is called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and builds the components by spreading a thin layer of nylon powder, that is then fused in the correct locations for that particular slice of the component. The layer is then dropped down a fraction of a millimeter, and another layer of powder is spread on top of the first, and the process is repeated until the component is built.
Olaf Diegel is a long-standing design engineer, with a passion for 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing technologies. Olaf runs ODD guitars part-time and remains a professor of product development, in the department of design sciences of the faculty of engineering at Lund University in Sweden.

Take a look at all his designs: Click Here to visit his website.

Take a look at this SLS machine ProX® SLS 500


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