Direct Metal Printing uses general additive manufacturing technology.

Conceptual Heat ExchangeWith complete design freedom, direct metal 3D printed parts can be stronger, lighter, longer lasting and higher performing.

Parts that are direct metal printed can be made in a variety of metals that are fully dense and fully usable.

How does DMP work?

In the DMP machine, a precise laser is directed to specific metal powder particles, it then selectively builds up a thin layered metal prototype.

With its complex and thin-walled structures it allows significant weight reduction. DMP printers feature the most flexible build parameter control settings in the industry.

The technology is used for rapid prototyping, functional prototyping, bridge tooling (as it decreases development time for new products) and production manufacturing (a cost saving method to simplify assemblies).

Tool insert for plastic child cup

Come see the results of DMP!

DMP samples will be available for inspection at the Rapid 3D stand during the Electra Mining 2016 Expo.

Get a feel for direct metal printing and ask the Rapid 3D team about how DMP is best suited for your industry.

Visit our stand at Hall 9, stand H04

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