TMD Solutions worked hard to fix minor bugs, improve functionality of some tools as well as adding a few new ones.

Within the next few days, there will be quick videos about the new functionalities (such as being able to select your own curve for any profile on the jewellery builders). Here’s the first video highlighting the key new RhinoGOLD features.

Regarding bug fixing, here’s the list of those nasty bugs that have been sorted.

Regarding the minor bugs and a WISH-LIST (that just keeps growing).  TMD Solutions are working on it. Those little improvements will be published periodically as a Release Candidate update.

Release Candidate are pre-release builds, that the Development team believes are stable and reliable, and ready for broader testing.

RhinoGold Improves List:

Gems By Curve: used to crash moving the Gumball while the curve is not currently on doc.

  • Improved functionality: Allow edition selecting gems or curve and executing edit command.
  • Fixed the interpolate button is not visible.
  • Fixed adding an edited object the gems that where not grouped.
  • Fixed the editing an object oriented by surface when the surface is lost.
  • Fixed the crashing of select orient surfaces.

Pave from Gems

  • Fixed the “It’s asking for a Surface that is not possible to pick”.

Pave Automatic

  • Fixed, pave editing crash.
  • Fixed disable Prongs keep them enabled.
  • In Edition, It’s only possible to move gems when another is added. Fixed;  Edition can move gems directly.
  • New prongs are displayed overlay, (Visual effect to get it far) changed to postDraw (real position).

Dynamic Profile

  • Protected against crash from getting a plane from a using curve.
  • Fixed break in undo stack.


  • Fixed crash computing channel.
  • Crash selecting an element fusion (local element) with a Baguette selected. Fixed
  • Crash Changing profile crashes. Fixed

Bend For Rings

  • Crash computing Rhino object (adding to doc). Fixed

Mold Shrinkage

  • Crash previewing. Fixed.

Dynamic Taper

  • Crash computing. Fixed

Scale By Weight

  • Not displaying values. Fixed

RhinoGold Options

  • Add an option to enable/disable zoo in Options -> RhinoGold -> License

Bezel Studio

  • Selecting a gem from selector (not pre-selection) gumballs are not enabled. Fixed
  • Some element cutters are not working applying it on 1.25 gems. Fixed
  • Some bezels are not generated depending of the position of it’s gems Fixed
  • With parameter apply to all set to off, al numerics excepts the top one applies the changes to all gumballs, same issue with gumball switches and cutters. Fixed
  • Some preview orientation are reversed. Fixed
  • Non proportional values modifying more than 1 bezel,
    in creation or edition by numeric inputs all values must be absolute.
    in creation or edition by Gumballs all values must be incremental.
    in creation from elements must be proportional.
    if the stone is modified later (scaled) values will inc/decrease proportionally.

Rapid 3D Jewellery Design Software RhinoGold RenderScale Ring

  • Diameter doesn’t work it’s getting sizes from size number. Fixed

Prongs In Line

  • Closed curves should have shared prongs in seam. Fixed

Animation Studio

  • Target curve not working rendering animation (Only the preview works). Fixed

Advanced Ring Curve

  • No vertical scroll. Added

Resize Ring

  • In batch mode it generates the same size for all rings. Fixed

Tech Report

  • First report is always shown in wireframe mode. Fixed
  • Finger Size and total metal weight from manual to Auto (Only if there is one ring in the document)
  • Rendering after a tech report shows the Gems Map and legend. Fixed
  • If black ui (Skin) is set, plot color is white so generated pdf doesn’t show dimensions, curves, etc. Fixed
  • Frames can be dragged by error. Locked
  • Add a direct Save to PDF and JPG buttons
  • Add Close buttons
  • If user draws in main page (dimensions) length is not right. Fixed
  • Only render dimensions and other objects in the viewport which are created (Tech views)

Web 3D

  • Objects not centered are bigger and smaller during rotation

Split Shank Advanced

  • Move gems direction was reversed.

Split Shank & Cathedral

  • Ring with a straight curves as tension ring, places branches onto the finger place. Fixed
  • If one is opened and the other command is clicked it happens nothing.
  • Added Undo Redo.
  • Added optional gem usage.


  • Crash loading preset, Protected.
  • Added Adaptation Angle feature.
  • Modified angle steps from 5 to 1.
  • Comfort to manual setting.
  • Adding comfort modify the total profiles height, it should subtract the profile’s height and keep the total height. Fixed


  • Spanish, Bezel from “Engaste” to “Bisel” replaced 10 strings.

Dynamic Bend

  • Added an option to activate all-axis Gumballs.

Gem Template Editor

  • Select base curve button ask for vertex instead curve.

Geometry Selector

  • Restore the grid if it’s not present (Affect to Bezel, Head and any command that its input is a stone)
  • Added  “Add new curve” in top right corner.

Material Editor (Panel)

  • Changing only value (keeping % or gr/mm³) doesn’t apply it. Fixed

Ring By Curve

  • Major modification Added Shell angle and adaptation angle. (old models 3dm, presets or elements will be initialized with no shell keeping the same shape)


  • Generate one object whenever is possible, otherwise it generates the minimum number objects that could be generated.
  • Sometimes a pattern space is empty. Fixed (Tested in Elements Fusion)
  • Some patterns had auto intersecting geometry. Fixed

Patterned Ring Saving preset

  • Checking names in basket folder instead Patterned preset folder. Fixed

Engagement presets

  • Extended supporting new Ring By Curve, Baskets, Halos and Clusters.

Open Command confirmation

  • Sometimes opening a new command doesn’t show confirmation box. Fixed
  • Bigger buttons, checkbox now is farther from buttons in order to avoid click buttons by error.
  • Confirmation dialog UI clicking X, return No instead Cancel. Fixed

Text On Curve

  • Selecting a curve placed in YZ plane (right view) letters are rotated progressively. Fixed

Rapid 3D Jewellery Design Software RhinoGold ring3 render
Channel Studio

  • Changing gems num distance field should be updated, and changing distance field gems number should be updated. Fixed
  • Editing a channel gems number are changed and gem size is set to 2mm (default). Fixed

Channel Cutter

  • Initial distance icon replaces by Shank initial distance icon. Done

RhinoGold Start

  • Change links (Tutorials, Learning and others)

Mirroring and coping gems

  • Keeps a bad plane and applying some object (bezel, head…) doesn’t work properly. Fixed

Prong Editor

  • Selections is getting the prong closest the surface intersection instead prong intersection. Fixed
  • When moving its’ getting directly the surface position instead make it incremental. Fixed

Curve Libraries

  • It is mandatory to add a curve to library from plane XY, now any curve can be added to any library from any plane (XY) and it’s remapped to it’s plane (All libraries)

Rapid 3D Jewellery Design Software RhinoGold DesignSecond Ring Curve

  • Crash, (if curve has only one axis, Line) Protected.

Cutters In Line

  • Crash Setting Width Gumball. Fixed


  • Uses same RhinoGold Login; Lab licenses are able to use Elements
  • New Elements added, new categories

How to download it:

1) Automatically from your RhinoGold 6. Open it up and you will see the pop-up message.

2) Sign In on your TDM account on, go to Dashboard › Software Installer and you will find the RhinoGold Installer

Keep creating your endless designs – RhinoGold

See how RhinoGOLD can completely revolutionise your jewellery design process.

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