“When deciding on a casting simulation software, there were a number factors: reasonable cost, ease of use and the ability to perform the basic functions that a high price software performs, and Click2Cast met all those criteria.”

Woodlands/Alloy Casting, INC. is a full-service aluminum casting provider, servicing numerous industries including aviation, electrical, industrial, marine and defense.

Woodland/Alloy CastingWoodland/Alloy Casting has the capabilities and expertise to meet is customers’ casting needs ranging from parts weighing just a few ounces to 2000 lbs.

Woodland/Alloy Casting prides itself on delivering quality aluminum castings “on time, every time.”

With the convenience of being able to perform molding, core making, melting, heat treatment, cleaning and surface preparation all under one roof, Woodland/Alloy Casting is able to continuously satisfy those time and quality standards for its customers.

While exploring ways to simulate solidification and streamline their casting process, Woodland/Alloy Casting discovered solidThinking’s casting simulation software, Click2Cast.

Woodland/Alloy Casting found that by employing this intuitive tool it completely optimize and improve their casting process while continuing to maintain the goal of quality castings on time, every time.


One of Woodland/Alloy Casting’s most recent projects was transitioning a marine exhaust housing part from aWoodland/Alloy lost foam casting to a sand casting.

“We wanted to produce a sound casting, while still keeping ingates and risers to a minimum, this would allow for the yield to remain low and help reduce the time needed to remove the rigging,” explains Andy Ceretto, Quality Control Manager of Woodland/Alloy Casting.

Once the updated design was finalized, Woodland/Alloy Casting tested the new gating system by running a simulation in Click2Cast.

Woodland/Alloy Casting was able to conclude that the new system would produce a casting with zero defects.

Before utilizing Click2Cast, Woodland/Alloy Casting would have conducted numerous costly and time-consuming tests, requiring several molds to determine the outcome of the new gating system.

With the enhanced casting process in place, Woodland/Alloy Casting is continuing to see the benefits of both cost and time savings.

Woodland/Alloy Casting has employed Click2Cast on many casting projects since first discovering the software last year and is continuing to explore all the features, settings and tools that the software provides.

“By employing Click2Cast, we were able to conclude the new gating system would work properly after running just two simulations.”


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